A quick overview of the Print Industry of America (PIA) Freight Program for members across the country that helps save money on shipping.

The DLS Worldwide PIA Freight Program has the best industry pricing for print freight rates along with carrier concessions that we’ve arranged for your members—including:

  • Liftgates Waive
  • Tradeshow Access Fees Waive
  • Penalties Waive for Extreme-Length Oversized Double-Skid Shipments

The program covers full truckload, partial truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), and less-than-truckload mail (LTO) with small package component. It also has cross-border capabilities, going to and from Canada.

Saving 25–45%, this program is helping PIA members leverage buying power of the entire country and receive quality rates.

To get started with the program, contact your PIA-affiliate chapter leader or contact Steve Haas by phone at 612-296-1806 or email at shaas@dls-ww.com.