There are abundant carriers that can give you “cheap” rates, but few who can provide you a meaningful long-term solution at a reasonable and competitive price. You can look to your DLS Worldwide representative to conduct a detailed review of your transportation needs and bring you a strategic solution that will improve your supply chain and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Returns & Exchange Programs

Even if you have your inbound and outbound freight completely under control, a good returns and exchange program can help improve your overall position. We can help you examine this activity and put processes in place that will eliminate redundant tasks, resulting in time savings during your busy day.

Multi-facility Control Solutions

It is common for us to see large multi-facility accounts without a method to their madness; seven different shipping managers doing eight different things and no real handle on carriers, negotiations, or even freight spend. Your DLS representative can help you bring it all under control by bringing harmony to your supply chain and by helping you optimize your carriers, service, and spend.

Inbound Vendor Control Solutions

If your inbound vendor shipments are un-policed or un-controlled there is a very good chance that your inbound freight shipments are being marked up anywhere from 10–35%. We have the resources and the expertise to conduct a formal or informal audit of your inbound supply chain and bring all of your vendors under complete compliance. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have complete visibility of your inbound activity captured on one central report and you can rest assured in knowing that your vendors will never turn your freight into their profit center.

Integrated and Shopping Cart Solutions

If you have an inventory platform, ERP platform or warehouse management platform, our integration team can help you architect and implement an integration solution that brings our transportation management platform into the daily workflow of your house software platform. This will allow you to quote and ship without having to re-enter critical shipment data.

Association Member Benefit Solutions

Your DLS Worldwide representatives can work with you to promote both a platform and a member benefit that brings you a new, non-dues related revenue stream. If you are an association manager (or board member) wondering how you are going to attract and retain members we can work with your board or committee to provide a meaningful member benefit through a freight discount program.

Computer & Tradeshow Asset Management Programs

If your logistics activities are running like a well-oiled machine, you might not want to be bothered with the complexities associated with asset management programs. Talk to your DLS rep about putting together a computer or tradeshow asset management program that will provide, the pricing, visibility and reports you need and let us handle those non-typical activities for you.